Happy mother’s day
Kaifeng Jinsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. visited Hebei with Tongli!
On May 11, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the director of the Institute of Urban Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the chief scientist of the Regional Center for Excellence in Atmospheric Environment Research, He Wei; the chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Xi Beidou; the director of the Municipal Bureau of Industrial Information, Liu Chao, Wang Peihua, etc. Leaders and delegations visited Hebei Tongli Company for research and guidance! Ma Li, Chairman of Hebei Tongli Company, received warm reception from the relevant departments of the company.
Academician He Wei first visited the all-welded ball valve production workshop to carry out extensive and in-depth understanding and communication on the manufacturing process and process of the automatic welding ball valve production line: the automated production line equipment produced a welding ball valve on average for 38 seconds. With a production capacity of 700,000 units, in the face of such a fast production speed, several scientists are impressed by the world's leading and domestic first-class production equipment.
At the production site, Chairman Ma Li gave a detailed introduction to the welding structure, reliable quality, excellent performance, steel saving, and heat preservation to reduce the heat loss of the pipe network. The excellent feature is that it can not only be used for heating enterprises. The network provides safe technical support for safe operation, energy saving, and reduced operating costs. It can also play an objective and realistic role in promoting the national energy conservation and emission reduction, pollution reduction, and improvement of the atmospheric environment.
n the R&D room, the leadership group reserved the intelligent control port for the energy-saving “ball balance valve”, and also conducted detailed inquiry. When this product needs to be connected to the electric control, it can be equipped with a drive device and a connection management platform. To achieve intelligent heating regulation and control, and lay a solid foundation for wisdom heating. In addition, the leadership team also expressed great appreciation for the design plan of our company's heating products in the next 5-10 years, and fully affirmed the forward-looking nature of our product research and development.
This time, the scientists and our team came to our company for research and guidance. All the staff were greatly encouraged. In the future production and operation process, we will resolutely respond to the national call and make new contributions to the energy-saving and energy-saving cause! Make more and greater contributions to the ambitious goal of energy saving and emission reduction and blue sky project!


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