Regulating Valve

Dynamic Resistance Balance Valve


Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Structure: Diaphragm
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Power: Hydraulic
Material: Stainless steel or brass
Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature
Media: Water
Port Size: DN15-200
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Model Number: DZYL
Brand Name: JKTL

1, valve body: high quality gray cast iron;
2, anticorrosion plastic body;
3, spring: stainless steel;
4:  Diaphragm:  Epdm buried fiber
5, valve: brass;
6, design life: 10 years.
7. Dynamic pressure balance valve has three functions,
self-reliance type flow valve function, automatic balancing
valve function, self-reliance type differential pressure valve
function.Pump respectively in three operation modes of
different transformation.Flow must be on self-reliance type
flow valve function, give priority to with heat source variable
flow when using manual balancing valve function, users as
the main traffic conversion ChengZiLi type differential
pressure valve function, avoid heat supply network frequent
replacement of valve, reduce the cost.

Technology character

1.Double disc structure, unbalanced force is small, compact structure.
2.Automatic constant user pressure difference, absorb the network pressure fluctuations, support controlled system of autonomous regulation.
3.Control the catheter front installation block valves, have automatic eliminate congestion function.
4.Adopt mixed compression technology, stepless adjustment, pressure control general tuning range is big.
5.Differential pressure calibration precision, high precision of adjustment.
6.Adopting outside pressure structure, tear open outfit is convenient.
7.All copper valve, valve core.





Connection method

DN15 100 0.1-1.5 3 Threaded connection
DN20 100 0.1-1.5 4 Threaded connection
DN25 110 0.2-2 6 Flange
DN32 180 0.5-4 12 Flange
DN40 200 1-6 18 Flange
DN50 230 2-10 30 Flange
DN65 290 3-15 50 Flange
DN80 310 5-25 95 Flange
DN100 350 10-35 110 Flange
DN125 400 15-50 160 Flange
DN200 600 40-160 530 Flange



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