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Pressure relief valve installation and use precautions
On the morning of June 30th, the CE certification review team came to hebei tongli automatic control valve manufacturing co., ltd. to guide our company to apply for CE certification, and carefully reviewed our company's files, production records, product research and development, manufacturing process and other relevant procedures.
The review team consulted the materials, listened to the reports of the heads of all departments, defended on the spot and watched the workshop's on-site demonstration operation, and gave a favorable comment to our company.

The review team carried out special audit on 6 kinds of valve products, including raw materials, technical documents, field identification, welding, pressure test, inspection, test and sealing performance. Once the audit passed smoothly, it was determined that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the materials fully meet the eu standards.

At the end of the last team conducted a process-based with our department head to attend the meeting and for hebei in the meeting with the strength of the company, the quality of the product such as recognition, think: the company development prospect is very big, whether from the personnel allocation, product manufacturing, and testing on the strict control, believe that with power company can in foreign markets open up a new world in the future.
Manager ma of our company first welcomed the arrival of the review group and thanked the review group for its Suggestions, saying: we will make improvements one by one to make the enterprise reach a higher height. Hebei tongli company will face the whole world in the future, and serve the users with high-quality and high-priced products by specialized production and fine management. Finally, thanks again for the hard work of the judges and their recognition of our company!

What is CE certification?
CE is an eu material safety certification that is seen as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. The products of enterprises must meet the PED directive standards of the eu. After passing this certification, it can prove that the products meet the relevant safety standards of the eu, which can ensure the safety of people and property. The products can also be CE stamped and exported to eu countries.


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