Description and performance characteristics of digital lock balance valve

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Digital lock balance valve is a regulating valve with special function of digital lock. It is a static hydraulic working condition balancing valve. It adopts a DC valve body structure, has better equal percentage flow characteristics, and can reasonably distribute the flow. Mainly suitable for centralized quantity adjustment, centralized quality adjustment and volume adjustment system that can change the flow in stages can effectively solve the problem of uneven temperature and heat in the heating (air conditioning) system. At the same time, the pressure drop and flow rate can be accurately adjusted to improve the liquid flow state in the pipe network system, to achieve the purposes of liquid balance and energy conservation in the pipe network.

  Performance characteristics
1. Ideal adjustment performance;
2. Cut-off function;
3. Open status display accurate to 1/10 laps;
4. The theoretical flow characteristic curve is an equal percentage characteristic curve;
5. Corresponding flow coefficient for each complete circle.
6. As long as the pressure difference across the valve is measured during commissioning.


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