Hebei Tongli self-control valve solves the fault treatment of the heating system for you!
Tongli lecture hall Eight valves common faults and treatment methods! Learn it!
Dear customers:
In September, the golden fruit is full of fruitful results. It is also the annual Mid-Autumn Festival and the annual round-the-clock season. This is one of the traditional festivals that Chinese people value very much. It is also a festival in which Chinese people look forward to reunion and celebrate reunion. Looking back on the extraordinary journey that we have traveled over the years, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you! Thank you for your sincere cooperation with Tongli Company; thank you for sending warmth to thousands of users.
Looking back on the past, we have joined hands with everyone. After many bumps and sorrows, relying on sincerity and diligence, we have achieved great development with your support.
In the pursuit of exploration in the stormy years, we rely on high-tech content, correct health and production philosophy, relying on everyone's sincere trust in Tongli products and services, attracting a group of people of insight and serving a large number of enthusiastic customers, this is We are most proud of the most valuable gains. We are grateful and proud to have excellent collaborators like you.
In the face of new challenges, we shoulder the heavy responsibility of expanding the heating industry to a deeper level, and lead people to embark on the road of sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction. Dear friends, at this moment, we feel that we need you very much and we need your support as always!
I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, good health, happiness, and a successful career!


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