Warmly welcome Russia’s New Siberia ARMASETI Co., Ltd. to visit Hebei Tongli Company
On November 23, 2016, Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "2016 Excellent Staff Awards" was held in the conference room on the first floor of the office. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Ma Jinggang. The participants included the company's factory director, workshop director, and department heads.
Mr. Ma comprehensively summarized the overall growth of sales performance and financial profit achieved by Hebei Tongli Company in 2016, and fully affirmed and highly evaluated the company's achievements in 16 years. Mr. Ma also said that 2016 is a year of hard work for Hebei Tongli Company. With the efforts of all our staff, it is used to meet challenges and overcome difficulties, and ultimately guarantee our rights and benefits, and also realize the self-worth of employees. In order to motivate employees and commend the advanced, the company commends and rewards employees with outstanding performance and outstanding performance!
Chen Yongfei is the technical backbone of the company. He often travels to various thermal companies. Regardless of the severe cold and hot summer, he has to go deep into the valve wells and sewers every day to debug and inspect the valves. The company rewards an LCD TV!
Fan Xiaoyan is the quality inspector of the workshop. She is responsible for the inspection of each valve. She is serious and careful. Therefore, there has never been any quality problem with the Jinke Tongli valve issued from her. A computer is given to her by a company. Reward!
As a veteran employee of the company, Director Cui has worked in the company for more than ten years. The company's major events, the arrangement of orders, and the transfer of workshop personnel, he has arranged well-organized, never made mistakes, and the company rewards one. Smartphone as a reward!
Li Yong is the company's commissioning staff. When there are problems with the customer, he will go there the first time to solve the customer's problems. The company rewards a smartphone as a reward!
They use practical actions to interpret the wireless hot pillows for their work. They have proved that they can make extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs. They are like a banner that inspires all the same people and believes in future work. In the same strength, you and I are adhering to the spirit of down-to-earth, sharp and enterprising, and jointly open the brilliant future!

We are the leader of welded ball valves
We are the creators of new glory
We are the founders of the new miracle
We are in action
We explore innovation
We strive for excellence
We are full of hope
We live up to expectations
This is our age
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