Looking back at 2018, don’t forget your heart, go ahead!
Welcome customers of Chaoyang Chengfa Municipal Construction Industry Co., Ltd. to visit Hebei Tongli Company!
In the past 2018, we are full of pride, hardships and sweats, 2019 we shoulder the burden. On the evening of January 24th, the Zhengzhou Office of Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held at Zhengfei International Hotel.
In this dinner ceremony, we invited many customers, leaders and friends to come to the scene to gather together for a dinner.
At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. Ma first gave a speech and expressed his gratitude to the customers and leaders attending the meeting. He summarized the achievements made in the past year and even since the establishment of the company, and elaborated on the development history and business of Hebei Tongli Company. Sector, corporate honor, strategic planning and more. His wonderful speech won a round of applause, representing everyone's high recognition of Hebei Tongli!
  At the dinner, Hebei Tongli Company arranged wonderful cultural programs, dance programs with the same hard work, street dance performances, songs "Chengdu", and the quintessence of the country, detonating the audience, bringing a pleasing audio-visual feast to everyone. . The dream is realized in the excitement.
In order to further express the gratitude and feedback from the customers to the customers and friends, the lottery session was set up at the banquet. The guest guests selected the third, second, first and special prizes in succession. Ma always presented the prizes to the winning customers.
Mr. Ma and the manager of each office toasted each customer friend in turn, thanking all customers and friends for their support to Hebei Tongli Company for many years. In the new year, Hebei Tongli Company will follow the wave of the times and seize the opportunity of development. Let's go hand in hand with our customers and friends, and we will give you a good old age in advance. I wish you all a happy new year, good health, good family and a career.
Good times are always short-lived, but our initial intention to win the future with our customers and friends will continue. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the customers and friends, the end of the dinner is coming to an end. In the next 2019, Hebei Tongli will continue to move forward and meet the new journey to achieve a new leap!


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