After the heat is over, warm tips about welding ball valves…
The 2nd China Heating Academic Annual Conference co-sponsored by the Technical Committee of China Urban Heating Association and “Regional Heating” magazine Co., Ltd. successfully concluded!
The 2nd China Heating Academic Conference, co-sponsored by the Technical Committee of China Urban Heating Association and District Heating Forum, will be held in Lanzhou from August 25th to 29th, 2019. Special information Time: August 27, 2019, 16:00-18:00 Venue: Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, Building 2, Ningwozhuang Hotel, Lanzhou schedule:
Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Siying Development Zone, Botou City, Hebei Province. Registered capital of 10,100,000 yuan, the current production of heating valves 700,000, the output value of 300 million yuan, there are 6 million heating valves to serve heating enterprises. The company is a professional manufacturer integrating design, development, manufacturing, inspection and calibration, and sales. After nearly 20 years of development and innovation, the company specializes in the research, production and sales of heating valves. The company supplies heating valves. To provide a comprehensive HVAC system design, installation and commissioning program for the leading product structure.

The company has obtained ISO9001/2008 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management certification, special equipment manufacturing license issued by the national quality inspection department, and EU CE certification. And the integration of international advanced management level into the company's business philosophy, so that the management of Tongli is improving day by day. The company has 32 patent certificates and has obtained the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project Certificate (Innovation Fund 1 million yuan). In 2017, it was recognized as the Industrial Enterprise R&D Center (Certificate No.: 2017C1247) by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is one of the domestic professional heating valve manufacturers. The company participated in the "National Standard for Welding Ball Valves for Urban Heating", "National Standards for Welding Butterfly Valves for Urban Heating", "National Standards for Self-operated Flow Control Valves", "Industry Standards for Self-operated Differential Pressure Control Valves", and "Concentration in Tianjin" Drafting and preparation of the Code for Heating Design of Heating Houses (DB/T29-26-2017). Participated in the compilation of the 2013 edition of the heating standard atlas in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Tianjin, and made positive contributions to the development of the HVAC industry. In November 2017, it was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise Certification (Certificate No.: GR201713001382). In 2018, it was awarded the first batch of “honest brand units” by the China Urban Heating Association.
 Some of the company's products have been awarded the title of Hebei Province's high-quality products and Hebei famous brand products. “Jinke Tongli” won the famous brand of Hebei Province. 32 research and development patents, including 3 invention patents. The patented product dynamic resistance balancing valve has been supported by the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund. The company's products are positioned by the Ministry of Construction as recommended products for engineering construction, and have been recommended by national key projects.
The company has a world-class imported welding robot, full-featured valve testing center, modern machining center, CNC machine tools, ordinary machine tools and other equipment 500 sets. Physicochemical testing of metal materials, mechanical properties mechanical testing, plasma surfacing, ultrasonic thickness measurement, Brookfield hardness test, non-destructive control, metal heat treatment, valve safety hot state, cold state full performance test center, spring tension and compression test, etc. Professional setting. The industry takes the lead in realizing the processing of "professionalization, numerical control, electromechanical integration", special planes, special personnel, special activities, to ensure the first-class quality of products with high-end equipment.
The company has 12 branches: Beijing Tongli Branch, Tianjin Tongli Branch, Zhengzhou Tongli Branch, Shijiazhuang Tongli Branch, Changchun Tongli Branch, Harbin Tongli Branch, Shandong Tongli Branch The company, Xi'an Tongli Branch, Gansu Tongli Branch, Ningxia Tongli Branch, Xinjiang Tongli Branch, and Zhangzhou Tongli Branch provide timely and convenient services to customers, and ensure that customers encounter problems within 12 hours. Arrive at the scene within hours. It is the development direction and goal of Hebei Tongli to make high-quality and high-priced valves to serve the heating and energy-saving business. Continuously use new technologies, new processes, and new materials to develop high-quality products, make technology tangible, serve the society, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the heating industry.

The weather forecast and the route of Lanzhou in the coming week have been checked for you. Let’s take a look at it~
The weather forecast for Lanzhou during the conference is as follows:
Getting there 1
Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport - Lanzhou Ningwozhuang Hotel (71 km)
· Duration of taxi: about 1 hour
· Bus travel: about 3 hours and 45 minutes
Recommended route: Take “Zhongchuan Airport to Chengguan District Line” at “Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport” and go directly to “Tianshui Road North Exit Station”. Transfer to “16 Road” at the same station and arrive at “Ningwozhuang Hotel Station” via 4 stations.
Bus route 2
Lanzhou Station - Lanzhou Ningwozhuang Hotel (2.3 km)
· Duration of taxi: about 10 minutes
· Bus travel: about 27 minutes
Recommended route: Take “16 Road” at “Lanzhou Station”, reach “Nanchang Road Cross Station” via 3 stations, and walk 339 meters to “Ningwozhuang Hotel”.
Getting there 3
Lanzhou West Railway Station - Lanzhou Ningwozhuang Hotel (11 km in total)
· Duration of taxi: about 40 minutes
· Bus travel: about 35 minutes
Recommended route: Walk 160 meters to "Lanzhou West Railway Station" to "Lanzhou West Railway Station North Square Station (C-port)", take "railway No. 1" (donggang direction), and arrive at Lanzhou University Station via 7 stations (A port) ), walk 817 meters to reach "Ning Wo Zhuang Hotel".


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