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Hebei Economic Daily 3 headline "Jinke Tongli: Building the first brand of green heating valve"     ——Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was accepted by Hebei Economic Daily reporter in October 2015: Ms. Jia Fang’s special interview, Chairman of Hebei Tongli Company: Mr. Ma Li’s “Building the First Brand of Green Heating Valves” A profound explanation. From the development process of Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years, to the "heat inlet device" product specially developed for heating energy saving, it has obtained national utility model patent and appearance patent. The "heat inlet device" will play a greater role in the future HVAC renovation and make greater contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.
The contents of the interview are as follows - Hebei Tongli Company transferred from {Hebei Economic Daily reporter: Jia Fang} Interview report!
As the weather is getting colder, the business of Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is more busy. Chairman Ma Li said that the whole autumn and winter season is the production season. Now the whole society has begun to pay attention to energy conservation, and we have developed the heating system heat. The energy-saving device for the entrance is to start from the "green environmental protection" and solve the problem that the heat inlet valve of the existing heating system is not suitable for heat preservation and the heat supply is unbalanced. The inlet device is shut down, filtered, adjusted, observed, insulated and integrated, and the energy saving effect is very high. obvious.
Tongli Company is a professional heating valve manufacturer with more than 20 years of history. The products mainly include balance valve series, steel welding heat inlet device, all-welded ball valve series, and Hebei Province as a provincial quality product, “Jinke Tongli It has also been awarded the provincial famous trademark and has 26 patents. The company has participated in the "National Standards for Flow Control Valves for HVAC" and "Industry Standards for Self-operated Differential Pressure Control Valves".
When talking about the development of the company, Chairman Ma Li first showed reporters that a company can't create value for customers, can't provide good services for the society, and has not developed a new product. Then the company does not exist. The value of the market will not grow bigger.  
In the process of producing and developing heating valves, Tongli found that the current heating system has high energy consumption due to various reasons. Under the background of energy conservation and green development, the energy saving potential is huge. To this end, he began to study the heating system to find possible ways to save energy and reduce consumption.  
After extensive investigation, research and analysis, he found that the heating system should achieve the goal of saving energy and increasing profit. The macroscopically, the following is mainly through the following ways: First, realize the hydraulic balance of the pipe network and overcome the uneven heat and cold; this part of the heat loss is about 20% to 30%; the second means through regulation and control, our heating design and heating system are designed and equipped according to the coldest and most dangerous load, but our heating system is less than 70% of the time. In the load operation state, the heating system runs with the change of outdoor air temperature and variable flow, and the energy saving benefit is considerable, about 10% to 20%. The third is the household heat metering, installing indoor temperature control devices, improving the energy-saving awareness of the heat residents, reducing unnecessary heat dissipation such as opening windows, and closing small valves without heat to achieve energy saving for residents. The heat preservation of the valve valve of the fourth heating system can reduce a large amount of heat loss. Among several energy-saving ways, hydraulic balance is a prerequisite, and heat preservation is the key. If the hydraulic balance and heat preservation are not good, the other two will not be good. The effect can not even be carried out; while the hydraulic balance and heat preservation of the system are mainly external networks, the disturbance to the residents is small, easy to carry out, and the benefits are fast and obvious.
The "steel welding heat inlet energy-saving device" developed by Tongli has fully considered the heat source, pipe network and user factors, and solved the heating system balance problem, adjustment problem, observation problem, filtration problem, shutdown problem, heat preservation integration. The heating system is operated with the temperature change of the outdoor temperature, and the energy saving effect is very considerable.  
In Botou City, Hejian City and Handan City, several units were renovated by Tongli Company last year, using Tongli’s steel welding thermal inlet device to solve the balance, filtration, observation, adjustment and closure. The integration of insulation and insulation is very obvious, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious. “Customer return visits show that last year, the heating period of each district saved more than 200,000 yuan, and all realized the investment in the current year, benefited in the current year, and recovered the investment in the same year.” “Successful case”, Marley is very happy, “Using Tongli’s products can bring a little return to the hometown, let the hometown people understand the same strength, understand the Jinke Tongli brand, and know that Tongli is not only a manufacturer of valves. It is a company that has been heating and energy-saving, and it is my wish for many years!" 
In the interview, the reporter’s deepest feeling is that Tongli’s pursuit of energy saving and consumption reduction has penetrated into the details of each product. In view of the current situation of flanges used in traditional valves, the same force has been researched and developed, and the flanges have been replaced by welding. "Flange is not well insulated, it will continuously dissipate heat when heating, and the welding valve does not use flanges, so the pipeline is good. Insulation can reduce heat loss, reduce heating costs, and use welding technology, no need to use bolts, indirectly reduce the amount of steel used, one more!"
Up to now, Tongli has more than 20 patented technologies. “Like self-operated adjustable differential pressure valves, steel welded differential pressure control valves, and steel welded straight through filters are all patent certificates obtained this year. It can be said that These achievements have laid the market leading position of Tongli Company in the heating field for the next 5-10 years!"
According to Mali, it is expected that in the next ten years, heating enterprises will realize the transformation from extensive management to quality and efficiency management. The efficiency and efficiency of centralized heating will depend on the development of new technologies and the innovation of heating products. Promotion. Tongli Company combines the technical difficulties encountered by heating enterprises in the heating process, and develops timely and practical products to enable heating enterprises to reduce energy consumption and increase revenue, which will effectively promote energy saving and emission reduction in heating industry.
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