How to solve the problem of heating without heating

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The importance of balancing valve commissioning
1. Why is it not hot in series?
Analysis of reasons: if the valve is not hot, check whether the valve is closed, whether there is gas, and whether it is blocked, check whether the pipeline has been changed, shrinkage and reduce diameter, and check whether the household filter is blocked.
Solution: Open the valve, restore the changes, and clean the filter.

   2. Why does the double-pipe parallel type heat up when the supply is down?
Cause Analysis:
1. Check whether the main valve of the unit is closed or the shutter is off.
2. Check if the filter is blocked.
3. Check if there is air at the top.
1. Open, replace or repair the valve.
2, clean the filter.
3, exhaust treatment.

   3. Reasons and treatments for leapfrogging heat from top to bottom:
Cause Analysis:
1. The valve of the entire unit is not opened, the indoor user valve is not opened, and the valve gate is disengaged.
2. The indoor and outdoor filters are blocked.
3. Whether there is air in the user room.

4. The heat source is out of power or the flow is small.
1. Open the unopened valve.
2. Replace and repair the valve.
3. Clean the filter.
4. Exhaust the top of the system.
5. Contact the heat source for inspection and adjust to restore normal heating in time.

   4. Reasons and treatments for the next-time parallel heating without supply:
Cause Analysis:
1, unit valve is not open or damaged.
2, the filter is blocked.
3. The user's home valve is not open or blocked.
4. The heat source is out of power or the flow is small.
1. Open the valve or repair the valve.
2, clean the filter.
3. Open the valve of the user's house or handle the blockage.
4. Contact the heat source to return to normal or increase the flow.

   5. What are the reasons and treatments for some users' heating?
Cause analysis: First check the valve opening and closing to check whether the dirt is blocked. Contrast whether users appear at the bottom or end because the traffic is small.
Solution: Open the valve or replace the broken valve. Open the exhaust valve to exhaust. Rinse off hot radiators. If multiple households are not hot at the same time, use the contact to readjust the flow rate or check the entire building or unit valve and clean the decontamination device.
   6. Why and how is the entire unit or the entire building not hot?
Cause analysis: Check the main valve, unit valve or filter of the entire building, and compare the heating conditions of other buildings.
Solution: Check the opening of the main valve or whether it is damaged, and clean the filter. If the other buildings are not hot, check whether the main valve and heat source of the district are running normally, and contact the company in time.
   7. What are the reasons for the lack of heating at the end of the user's room?
Cause analysis: terminal heating is not hot, gas accumulation, or installation is unreasonable and private reform
Solution: Adjust the small front fin valve to exhaust the air. Check other users. If other users perform well, they can adjust or clean the decontamination system and require users to reinstall and rebuild.


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