Standard Testing Details of Fully Welded Steel Ball Valves
Hebei Tongli Company held a customer appreciation ceremony successfully ended!
2018 Hebei Tongli Company accompanied everyone to spend a full spring, summer, autumn and winter.
From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, we witnessed the changes in Hebei Tongli Company in the past year.
From personal achievements to corporate honors,
Any small changes in Hebei Tongli Company are emerging in front of our eyes.

First Participate in the 2018 heating project construction and efficient operation seminar!
The industry event fully demonstrated the strength of the company. Our energy-saving products – the thermal set device has an unparalleled unique advantage; the ball-type static balance valve has won the unanimous approval of the participants with its unique innovative performance.
Second, participate in the 2018 Northeast Asia Clean Energy Exhibition!
The number of exhibitors and the scale of the exhibition reached a new high in this exhibition, bringing together more than 1,000 brands in the HVAC field. Hebei Tongli Company's exhibition area showcases the latest series of product achievements, and builds booths and display products, allowing visitors to fully understand the high-efficiency performance of heating valve products, and stand out among many brands with professional services and explanations.
Third, participate in the Beijing ISH Heating Exhibition!
The popularity of the booth of Hebei Tongli Company continued to rise! Our balance valve series products, ball valve series products, steel welding heat inlet integrated devices, etc. have attracted many professionals to stop by! At the exhibition, the "CCTV Discovery Journey" column group came to the booth of Hebei Tongli Company, and reported the whole process to our company. The sales director Mr. Yan accepted the interview!
Fourth, get EU CE certification!
 The authority of EU CE certification
Products bearing the CE mark indicate that they have passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedures and/or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity and comply with the relevant EU directives, and as such the product is allowed to enter the EC market sales pass. The CE mark is not a quality mark. It is a mark that indicates that the product has complied with the European safety/health/environment/sanitation series of standards and directives. All products sold in the EU are subject to the CE mark.
This “Jinke Tongli” brand has obtained CE certification from the European Union, once again demonstrating its internationally recognized leading technology and strong brand strength.
Fifth Participate in the 2018 Yiwu Fair!
2018 Yiwu Loading Fair, Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. debuted at the exhibition, and with the excellent product quality, advanced technology, and high-quality service, then the Yiwu loading fair boom.
The sixth round of Bohai Jinqiao 2018 heating and cooling building energy conservation industry forum annual meeting!
Exquisite booth layout, top-notch valve products and detailed patient explanations attracted the attention of many visitors. The booth that is bursting every year is the driving force for us to continue moving. The 2018 Heating and Cooling in the Bohai Gold Bridge is building and energy-saving industry. New Products New Technology Large-scale Exhibition Forum Annual Meeting, we appreciate your participation and support!
The seventh fully automatic steel welding thermal inlet device production line is fully "on the job"!
The introduction of intelligent robots achieves the highest degree of automation, improves production accuracy and ensures zero defect production. The use of robot vision guidance technology to fully guarantee product quality.
he eighth new product: steel welding thermal inlet device is listed!
The steel welding heat inlet device can be directly welded to the water supply pipe and the return pipe of the heat inlet, eliminating the need for a large number of flanges, bolts and gaskets required for connection with the pipe and the connection between the valves, saving the heating company. A lot of supplies. Since all valves are connected to the pipe, they are welded. No leakage point, beautiful pipeline, suitable for heat preservation, reduce a large amount of heat loss, and solve the problem that the shape of the HVAC engineering flange, Y-type filter, valve and other pipe fittings should not be insulated.
ninth  New product: spherical static balancing valve is put on the market!
The ball type static balance valve is another new product developed by Hebei Tongli, which can be connected to the instrument for online debugging. It has the functions of shut-off, adjustment, measurement and lock control. Its powerful lock control function avoids the need to change the opening degree at will and maintain the debugging results. It can be directly connected with the pipeline to save material resources such as flanges, gaskets and bolts. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and easy to keep warm. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, zero leakage, low operating cost, etc., and has become an alternative to regulating valves such as digital lock balance valves.
The 10th 6S site management project started!
The company has introduced “6S” management with the core content of “collecting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and safety” at the production site, main equipment, office area, etc., and strives to create a clean, tidy and efficient workplace and production. The environment will enhance the overall quality of employees and promote the rapid development of enterprises.
Windy and rainy days
Thank you for spending it together.
At the end of 2018, sincerely
Thank you for your company.
Hope in 2019
I hope you can still go with us.

2019, come on!
The dream is realized in the excitement,
In the next 2019,
Hebei Tongli Company will make persistent efforts,
Meet the new journey and achieve a new leap!


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