Performance characteristics and use method of self-operating pressure difference control valve

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The valve has a double-lobed structure, a small unbalanced force on the valve stem, and a compact structure. It is used in heating (air-conditioning) water series and has a constant differential pressure in the controlled system, and has the following characteristics:.
1. Constant pressure difference of controlled system;
2. Support internal autonomous adjustment of the controlled system;
3. Absorb the fluctuation of pressure difference in the external network;
4. Adopting advanced stepless pressure regulating structure, the adjustable ratio of control pressure difference can reach 25: 1;
5.Equipped with automatic elimination of blocking function;
6. The flange size conforms to the size of gray cast iron flange in GB4216.2.

How to use the self-operated differential pressure control valve:
1. The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow of the valve body;
2. The self-operated pressure difference control valve should be installed on the return pipe. The valve is connected to the pressure guiding pipe. The other end of the pressure guiding pipe is connected to the water supply pipe. Blocking function
3. A filter screen should be installed on the water supply pipe in front of the pressure guiding pipe to prevent the valve from losing the automatic adjustment function due to poor water quality;
4.The water supply pipe and the return pipe in front of the valve should be equipped with pressure gauges respectively to facilitate the adjustment and control of the pressure difference;
5. If it is found that the flow of the system is too large or too small, the possible reason is that the debris during the installation of the pipeline components is stuck on the valve plug. The 1/2 "ball valve can be closed for 3-5 minutes. The blockage can be eliminated automatically, if it can't be eliminated, the valve should be disassembled to check the obstruction;
6. Method for controlling differential pressure adjustment: Adjust the pressure regulating valve stem counterclockwise and observe the differential pressure.


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