Evolution of the regulation of HVAC systems
The origin and legend of the double ninth festival
Shijiazhuang Warm Sun Heating Service Co., Ltd. Wang Zong, Ma Gong and other four people went to the production headquarters of Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit and inspect, the sales manager of our department, the technical department Chen Gong and related personnel to receive warm reception. And accompanied by the company's various production workshops.
Chen Gong first introduced the company's scale strength and new product development to the delegation. He also watched the video data of the welded ball valve together with the delegation. It explained the functional characteristics, internal structure and operation. The all-welded ball valve can be used. It is directly connected with the pipe to save the material resources of the flange, gasket and bolt. It has a two-way seal and has low resistance when fully opened. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, two-way zero leakage, low operating cost, etc. It is more and more widely used as a substitute for gate valves, butterfly valves, globe valves and other valves that require a large number of maintenance valves. It is widely used in branch pipe networks and thermal stations.
Afterwards, the delegation went into the production workshop accompanied by Tian Manager and Chen Gong. During the process of visiting the welding ball valve production line, our company Chen Gong gave the customers a comprehensive process of welding ball valve production process, quality testing and technical capabilities. The display, and the various operations of the company's various products, maintenance, and various steps in the use of the process are described in detail.


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