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Analysis on the Development of Chinese Valve and Cocks Industry 1

favorable factors
good prospects

With the continuous improvement of valve technology, the continuous expansion of the field of use of the valve,with the corresponding valve standards are increasingly indispensable. Valve industry products have entered a period of innovation,not only the replacement of product categories need to be updated, the enterprise internal management also need to deepen the reform in accordance with industry standards.

With the valve industry continues to accelerate the pace of restructuring, the valve industry in the future will be the competition between the valve product quality and safety and competition among product brands, products will be high-tech, high-parameter, strong corrosion resistance, long life direction. Domestic valve manufacturing in the huge demand environment, will also show a very good development prospects. Therefore, we need to make full use of existing standards at the same time, look to the future, can be applied to the future development of new standards and new systems, so as to promote a higher level of valve technology development.


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