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Analysis on the Development of Chinese Valve and Cocks Industry 2

Chemical, energy industry has become a new growth point of the valve market

For a long time, the energy industry demand for the valve has maintained a solid and stable growth rate. The world's construction of thermal power plants and nuclear power generation total of 2,679,030MW, the United States of electricity 743,391MW, the rest of the world's new power plant project generating capacity of 780,000MW in the next few years will increase by 40% . Europe, South America, Asia, especially China's energy market will become a new growth point of the valve market.

The chemical industry ranks at the top of the industry with more than $ 1.5 trillion in output and one of the largest demand markets for valves. The chemical industry needs to design mature, high-quality processing, rare materials, industrial valves. In recent years, the chemical market competition has become very fierce, many chemical manufacturers face competition had to cut costs.


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