November 7th, Xi’an! Hebei Tongli Company unveiled the 8th National Building Environment and Energy Application Technology Exchange Conference!
The importance of balancing valve commissioning
The 8th National Building Environment and Energy Application Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held
       On November 6, 2019, sponsored by the Building Environment and Energy Application Branch of the China Survey and Design Association, undertaken by the Shaanxi Provincial Work Department, co-organized by HVAC Magazine and Xaar Media, the theme was “Green Innovation Design, Healthy and High Quality Development”. The 8th National Building Environment and Energy Application Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held for three days! This is one of the highest level technical exchanges in China's HVAC industry, and has been highly regarded and recognized by industry experts at home and abroad.
The conference invited experts from domestic well-known experts and key equipment manufacturers to make keynote reports and special reports on HVAC frontier technology, engineering design hotspots, equipment innovation and R&D achievements, and industry development trends. Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as a support unit and set up a booth at the conference. On the afternoon of November 7, Feng Hongbo, the R&D department of our company, gave a keynote speech on “Development and Application of Ball-type Balance Valves” on behalf of the company in the “8th National Building Environment and Energy Application Technology Exchange Conference”; Hebei Tongli Company Received the Special Contribution Award for the National Building Environment and Energy Application Industry from 2018 to 2019!
At the main venue of the conference, Feng Hongbo, the product development department of Hebei Tongli Company, gave a special speech on the development and application of ball-type balancing valve at the meeting, and shared the research and application examples of our company's valve upgrading technology in the heating industry. The leaders at the scene were highly praised by experts.
China's northern heating area is huge, about 15 billion m2. If the current hydraulic imbalance is improved, the inefficient energy and inefficient power consumption caused by uneven heat and cold will be reduced by 20% from the original 30%. The energy saved is huge, and the economy is huge. The benefits and social benefits are very substantial. Hydraulic balance is an important part of the hydraulic loss adjustment energy consumption. It is hoped that through sharing, we will enlighten the solution to the hydraulic imbalance and have a better understanding and understanding of the practicality of the original balance valve adjustment equipment.
Hebei Tongli's ball valve series products, balance valve series products, steel welding heat inlet integrated devices, etc. have attracted many professionals to stop by, and introduce customers from the aspects of product performance, material and manufacturing process.
The "star product" of the venue is a Jinke Tongli ball type balance valve, which is suitable for solving the hydraulic imbalance caused by the system and the actual flow of each branch and the design flow are inconsistent.
The ball balance valve adopts a steel welding process, which is the same material as the pipeline and has high reliability. Set pressure, temperature acquisition, remote and local control, multi-functional intelligent Internet of Things hydraulic balance valve. By collecting and analyzing the water temperature on the valve side, the valve opening degree is automatically adjusted according to the set temperature, the flow rate and temperature are balanced, and the waste of heat caused by the hydraulic imbalance is eliminated. It is also possible to install the pressure measuring device and the calculation program by itself, monitor the flow data in real time and implement the adjustment remotely, realize intelligent unattended operation, without manual manual debugging, simplify the control process and reduce the operating cost.


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