The origin and legend of the double ninth festival
November 7th, Xi’an! Hebei Tongli Company unveiled the 8th National Building Environment and Energy Application Technology Exchange Conference!
The weather is getting colder and the temperature is falling. The northern part of China has ushered in a heating season for the new year. In order to make the frontline workers who work hard on the front of the heating line feel the winter care, Hebei Tongli Company specially customized thousands of sets of cotton clothes in advance to carry out “ Give warm-up activities to the hot field workers' masters, and escort the front-line workers' outdoor operations.
On the 10th, 31st, Fan Xiaohui, general manager of Harbin office sales led the staff to the construction and installation site of the heating company, sent the cotton clothes to the workers, and expressed their gratitude and greetings to everyone.
In order to ensure the timely and effective heating of the people, the frontline employees of the heating company are not afraid of the cold, and conscientiously carry out a series of work such as valve installation, product maintenance, network management commissioning, etc., during the hard work, the same people know well, therefore, every time, our company, All the warm cotton clothes are distributed to the hands of the heating workers, so that each front-line worker can feel the warmth and care in the cold winter.
The steady progress of the heating industry and the long-term development are inseparable from the hard work of every heating person. Hebei Tongli hopes that the future condolence activities will bring a little warmth to the frontline workers, and hope that everyone can overcome the hardships of winter work. Adhere to the work style of "continuous operations, not afraid of difficulties". In the road ahead of the heating industry, Hebei Tongli Company will work hand in hand with local heating companies to contribute to the heating industry.


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