The importance of balancing valve commissioning

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Turbine Fully Welded Ball Valve
Q: Customers often call for inquiries. Our office building or hotel uses central air-conditioning and bought a lot of balancing valves. Why are the air-conditioning effects in some areas still not good, or I often receive complaints from tenants or guests?
Therefore, many people think that the balance valve has no effect!
Is it really?
When a balancing valve is installed in the air conditioning system
The situation of central air conditioning we imagine should be like this:
Design flow can be reached at each end;
Comfort in every room;
The operating energy consumption is also relatively low;
But the actual operation is like this:
Near the end of the pump,
Users feel too cold in summer and too hot in winter;
Run away from the end of the pump,
Users feel too hot in summer and too cold in winter;
The temperature difference between the supply and return water of the system is small, and the operating cost of the air conditioner is high;
Q: Why does this happen?
Because: Although a large number of balancing valves are used in the air conditioning system, they will not have any effect on the hydraulic balance of the system without any adjustment of the balancing valves. Therefore, before the building is put into use, we must perform the corresponding hydraulic balance debugging on the air-conditioning system. Correct hydraulic balance debugging is a crucial link:
By debugging the balancing valve, you can find the problems in the system as early as possible. For example: blocked pipes, filters or valves, misconnected pipes, system exhaust, etc., reducing users' complaints about the use of air conditioning;
Through the adjustment of the balancing valve, the loop and air conditioning equipment can obtain the correct flow and improve the comfort of the room;
Through the adjustment of the balancing valve, the problem of “large flow and small temperature difference” can be avoided in the system, thereby reducing the running time of the system and the system operating cost;


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