Things to note when installing valve piping

Flow balance and user room temperature monitoring system
Manual valve is normally closed and closed, let me tell you how to maintain it
1. The valve installation position should not hinder the operation, disassembly, repair and maintenance of the equipment, pipelines and the valve body itself, while taking into account the beautiful appearance of the assembly.
2. For valves on horizontal pipelines, install the valve stem upward or install it at an angle. Do not install it with the handwheel downwards. Valves, stems and handwheels on high-altitude pipelines can be installed horizontally, and the opening and closing of the valves can be controlled remotely with a chain at a low level.
3. The arrangement is symmetrical, neat and beautiful; the valve on the riser is the most suitable to operate with the chest height of the valve, if the process permits, it is generally 1.0-1.2m away from the ground, and the valve rod must be along the operator Orientation.
4. The center line elevation of the valves on side-by-side risers should preferably be the same, and the clear distance between the handwheels should not be less than 100mm; the valves on side-by-side horizontal pipes should be staggered to reduce the distance between pipes.
5. When installing heavy valves on water pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment, a valve bracket should be provided; when the operation is frequent and the valve is more than 1.8m away from the operating surface, a fixed operating platform should be provided.
6. If there is an arrow mark on the valve body, the direction of the arrow is the flow direction of the medium. When installing the valve, pay attention that the arrow points in the same direction as the medium flow in the pipe. 7. When installing flange valves, ensure that the two flange end faces are parallel and concentric with each other. Do not use double gaskets. 8. When installing a threaded valve, for ease of disassembly, a threaded valve should be equipped with a live joint. The installation of live joints should consider the convenience of maintenance. Usually, the water flows through the valve first and then through the live joints.


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