Welcome customers of Chaoyang Chengfa Municipal Construction Industry Co., Ltd. to visit Hebei Tongli Company!
Yucheng Thermal Power Plant visited Hebei Tongli Company!
On March 19th, a group of 3 people from Tongfang Co., Ltd. came to Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit and inspect, and our technical chief Chen Fei and other relevant personnel accompanied us!
Accompanied by our company's technical department Chen Gong, the customer visited the company's production workshop, welding ball valve production line, assembly workshop, etc., the valve pressure test and other aspects have been on-site operation, the good performance of the equipment makes customers praise! Our technicians have made meticulous answers to all kinds of questions raised by our customers. Our rich professional knowledge and strong working ability have also left a deep mark on our customers.
The customer group is very interested in the self-operated differential pressure control valve produced by our company. Chengong has introduced the performance characteristics and working principle of the product.
Self-operated differential pressure control valve, without external energy, automatically adjusts according to the pressure change of the medium to be adjusted, automatically eliminates the residual pressure head of the pipe network and the flow fluctuation caused by pressure fluctuations, and constants the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the user, which helps to stabilize system running. Self-operated differential pressure control valves are particularly suitable for use in household metering or automatic control systems.  
1. Ensure that the pressure difference between the supply and return lines of the controlled loop is basically constant, so that the internal users of the controlled loop do not interfere with each other when they adjust themselves. 
2. It can effectively overcome the influence of pressure fluctuations outside the controlled loop on the controlled loop. 
3. Limit the maximum flow rate of the loop and avoid excessive flow near the loop return. This function is also suitable for the heat source circulating water pump to operate according to the outdoor climate change flow system. 
After the visit, Tongfang Co., Ltd. customer group highly praised and appreciated Hebei Tongli Company. Through this visit, it affirmed the company's mature technology and strong strength, and the products produced are more assured and expected. In the future, we will have long-term cooperation with Hebei Tongli Company.


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