Turbine Fully Welded Ball Valve

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Hebei Tongli Company specializes in the R & D and testing of turbo-all-welded ball valves. It absorbs advanced foreign technology and is developed in combination with domestic actual conditions. It replaces imports with domestic products and fills in domestic gaps. Jinke Tongli Turbine Fully Welded Ball Valve is equipped with advanced production line processing. "Jinke Tongli" has become a famous valve brand in China with top production equipment and technical engineers. The temperature control range of the turbine type fully welded ball valve produced by Hebei Tongli is generally: -30-150 ℃. Turbine fully welded ball valves are widely used in long-distance pipelines such as hot water, petroleum, heating, chemical and thermoelectric pipeline networks.
Corresponding table of diameter and temperature of wheel-type full-welded ball valve:
The advantages of turbo all-welded ball valves are:
The first major advantage: the valve is composed of a fully welded valve body and a carbon-reinforced fluoroelastic gasket, which can be operated frequently and can ensure long-life operation in the presence of impurities and chemicals. Exquisite workmanship, finely ground stainless steel spheres can be opened and closed freely for ten years, reliable operation, excellent quality, safe use, convenient installation and saving expenditure budget.
The second major advantage: the turbine-type fully welded ball valve adopts a floating ball structure, and the elasticity of the inclined surface ensures that the sealing ring is tightly pressed against the ball. Even under the condition of unstable pressure, the valve can ensure its tightness.
The third major advantage: the valve stem's leak-proof structure uses two "o" rings to allow the valve stem to rotate freely and tightly without leakage.
 Features of the turbo all-welded ball valve:
1. No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication are needed, easy to install, and reliable operation for a long time.
2. The valve stem can not only be lengthened, but also be processed through fine grinding. It has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance.
Easy to keep warm
3. The operation handle can be removed and installed in reverse direction.
4. The valve body does not contain heavy and unreliable casting components.
5. Installation of adjustment mechanism is very simple.


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