Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “2016 Excellent Employee Recognition”!
Hebei Tongli Steel Welding Thermal Entrance Device “Hebei Economic Daily 3rd Edition” headline report!
Hebei Tongli Company ushered in the leadership of Russia's New Siberia ARMASETI Co., Ltd. to visit the factory (production base) today,.Hebei Tongli Company expressed warm welcome, the company's chairman Mr. Ma Li came to personally receive.
Chairman Ma introduced the market and prospects of China's heating valves to foreign friends, the daily management and development history of the company, the production, processing and testing of high-performance all-welded ball valves, and the production process and products for high-performance all-welded ball valves for heating pipes. The performance was explained in detail, and foreign friends gave high praise to the Chinese market and the strength of Hebei Tongli Company.
Afterwards, the leadership team came to the valve inventory workshop with Ma, and saw the dazzling valves. They expressed their admiration and saw the professionalism and concentration of Chinese heating people.
Mr. Ma also led the leadership team to the production workshop of all-welded ball valves. The lathe processing, pressing, welding, cooling and testing were all detailed. During the process, Mr. Ma answered the operation and precautions of the valve in use, eliminating the doubts of the leadership team, leaving a deep impression on the company's R&D production capacity and affirming the company's development potential. .
Finally, the Russian leadership team and the company sales manager took a group photo.
After the visit, Russian customers gave high praise to the production and operation of Hebei Tongli Company and various management levels, and laid the foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.


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