Hebei Tongli Company held a customer appreciation ceremony successfully ended!
Tongfang Co., Ltd. leaders came to Hebei Tongli Company to visit and inspect!
In the past years, Hebei Tongli's products have been recognized by the market with excellent quality, high cost performance, perfect after-sales service and good reputation. This has attracted many customers to visit our company.
On February 28th, a group of 3 people from Chaoyang Chengfa Municipal Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. came to Hebei Tongli Company to conduct on-the-spot visits and conducted technical exchanges on spherical static balancing valves, all-welded ball valves, regulating valves and other products.
Under the arrangement of the sales manager of our sales department, the customer arrived in Hebei Tongli Company and arranged to enter the conference room for technical discussion. In order to make customers have a thorough understanding of the products, General Manager Mali received the customers and organized relevant departments to accompany the professionals. At the meeting, the company first introduced the company's development history, scale strength and market vision. After listening to the customer, we also had a certain understanding of our company. We were very interested in the development of the ball static balance valve. What are the functions of the static balancing valve? How to solve the problem of valve leakage?
In response to the customer's questions, our technical staff also made a detailed answer: the ball type static balance valve can be connected to the instrument for online debugging. It has the functions of shut-off, adjustment, measurement and lock control. Its powerful lock control function avoids the need to change the opening degree at will and maintain the debugging results. The closing force is strong, and the function can be fully opened when the adjustment is not made, and the resistance at the time of full opening is small. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, zero leakage, low operating cost, etc. It is becoming more and more widely used as a digital lock-up balancing valve, a static regulating valve and the like which require a large number of maintenance valves.
Subsequently, Mr. Ma accompanied the customer to the production workshop, allowing the customer to have a more intuitive understanding of the production process, testing process, production equipment and finished products of the “Jinke Tongli” brand products.
After visiting the production site, Chaoyang Chengfa Municipal Construction Industry Co., Ltd. customers were deeply impressed by Hebei Tongli Company's good working environment, strict quality control and harmonious working atmosphere, and the future of both parties with our general manager. In-depth discussion on cooperation matters, hope to achieve complementary win-win and common development in the future cooperation projects!


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